POHappy weight update: Commitment Is To

         I’m six weeks away from my big day, and I’m still trying to get my life together in the weight loss department. I have made great strides. But as I reflect on this last month of working toward my goals , I’m sure I could have done better. I’ve cheated (eating-wise) here and there. I haven’t always done all the cardio I was advised to do per week. I think it’s safe to say,  I’ve got commitment issues .  Yeah, that’s it. I get bored with eating the same thing after a few days and think I have the right to remix my menu to my liking. I get busy with work, and there goes my cardio schedule out the window. I admire those who never, ever waiver. I haven’t reached that point yet. 
        What I can say is, I have yet to give up. The scale hasn’t moved much this past month. If i relied on the scale, I would have already thrown in the towel. But I’ve lost 5% body fat, and I’ve lost several inches. My clothes fit better. That’s always an awesome feeling. I may not get my full five hours of cardio in per week, but I at least do three. Other people see me and tell me I am well on my way to my goals. But I know I could have done better. And I will. 
        So for the next 21 days, I have committed to following the meal plan and exercise schedule my nutritionist and trainer has recommended. I see what can happen when I don’t completely commit. My results are less than stellar. Let’s see what happens when I do commit. This is going be hard. But I am going to do this. I can’t wait to see my results. Keep me in your prayers because the cravings and boredom from routine eating will arise. There will be days I won’t want to work out. But I’m going to stick to it.  I’ll let you guys know how it goes in three weeks. 
        Truly Yours,



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