Go Your Route, Honey…


Me. In my dinosaur pj’s. Walking to the beat of my own damn drum… because it’s my drum… with a hint of Sheila E. LOL. This post is dedicated to my inherited New Orleans grandma, Lula. Rest in love.

Everything isn’t for everyone. I could end this post on that note, but I feel the need to explain what I mean. So here it is: you cannot worry about what others don’t understand when it pertains to your life because it is your life. When I did not know better, I had a bad habit of making my dreams and ideas known to people. It was people I knew and felt like had my best interest at heart. What I often found is they questioned me on how I intended to make these things happen. And more often than not, the inquiries were not coming from a positive place … a place where prayer and help could be found.  The questions were laced with: “who the hell does this girl think she is and how does she think she is going to pull this off?” At first, I was confused by this. It hurt me. I was expecting to receive more support and positive feedback.  At times, their responses caused me to wonder whether they were right. Was I going to be able to see my dreams through? Am I making the right decisions for my life? But as I have become wiser and grown closer to God, I have become more aware that the vision and things He has given me are not always meant to be understood, especially by those who were not given the vision.  It took some time to accept and understand that, but once I did, I began to walk more boldly in my journey. I know that when it comes to the things that I want to do in life, I don’t need to explain anything to anyone but God. I am open to correction, love and growth. However,  I am unapologetically me, and I honestly don’t give a damn who likes it or understands it at this point in life. I am quirky. Driven. Full of ideas. Passionate. I am a light in the world. And I embrace each decision, triumph, failure and flaw the same because I am better for it. What I have been given doesn’t need to be explained… it just needs to be carried out. Period. Point blank.  I can hear my  best friend’s late grandmother always telling me,”Go your route, honey.” I never asked her what she meant, but I always interpreted it as her saying to “live your life the best way you can. And don’t worry about the rest.” Best advice, ever.

With time,  I have also learned to be more quiet and careful about the ideas and dreams He has laid before me. Now, I just let people see what I am working on or toward when the time is right because I don’t have time for naysayers and small thinkers to sit around and pick my dreams apart. So if you are struggling with pursuing something major or minor in your life because of your fear of what people what say or think, you need to remind yourself that your vision is yours. Run your race. Stay in your lane. Be so focused on what you are working on that you don’t even have time to see the glares or hear the whispers of the unbelievers. I most certainly plan to do the same. In words of the great Houston lyricist Slim Thug:

“Thank you, God, all the time for helping me

live my dreams

And for exposing all of those who wasn’t right for my team

I’mma keep receiving this game

If it’s for the better, I’ll change

Only live once, better do it right

I’m trying to live a legacy, man”


Truly Yours,

Garesia Randle

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