March Madness



Back in Belize in 2014 in one of my pensive moods. I am so ready to share all that is in store.

So this month will be one for the books. I am really excited to share some of things that I will be working on for the blog.

For starters, I am getting married in 17 days. This time has flown by, and I know that it is going to go even quicker as the day draws near. Life has gotten super hectic, but I am blessed with some great people who have been helping me keep my head above water. With my wedding coming soon, I thought it was only appropriate to keep my Ode to Black Love series going. My last article had more than 500 reads. How exciting!  I cannot wait to share more! Tomorrow, I will release Ode to Black Love part 2, featuring high-school sweethearts Joel and Rien. They are a beautiful couple who has grown before my very eyes. They are a reminder that love is an awesome  and patient thing.

As I promised in February, I am still diligently working to revamp my site and even explore some other blog possibilities. I will share when the time is right. As I have said before, timing is everything.

I also would like to get some feedback from my awesome followers and readers about some things that you all would like to see addressed on the blog. Drop a comment, and I will be sure to respond and have dialogue about how we can make those things happen.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has taken out the time to come here to read, comment and share my art with the world. Blogging and writing for everyone to see can be a scary and vulnerable thing. I am just blessed I get to do this. Thank you all for making this journey worth it. It is only the beginning.


Truly Yours,



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