Try, Try Again


I have to look up to God, and just rely on Him for what to do next. Glad I am in a place of learning, growing and striving. 

I almost did what I do every time I build great momentum with my blog – let it fizzle out and DIE. Let me just say, life has been all kinds of hectic. Blogging has definitely on my mind, but it has been virtually out of reach for the past month. I am finally done with what seemed like never-ending wedding preparations. I jumped the broom a few weeks ago and am finally Mrs. Warfield!!!!! Slowly but surely, I am learning to manage my duties as a wife – that’s another blog for another day, literally. Work has consumed me like it always does during STAAR testing season. My students and I are burned out, to say the least. On top of all that, my husband and I just moved into a new place. You know how that goes. Moving is such a daunting, terrible task. I’m just glad things are starting to finally slow down. But I have promised myself that I will not let this blog die like I have done in the past. Blogging is my sanctuary. I need it. I feel like others need me to do it as well. So I am here to stay.

“Why do we let life deter us from our greatness?” This has been a major reflective moment for me these past few weeks. Why do we run for cover, never to return, as soon as life starts to become a handful? I think I have contemplated this every single day since I last posted on here. The answer is simple. We give up because it’s easy. Putting our goals and priorities on the back burner takes the pressure off. If I do not create these expectations for myself, then I won’t have to meet them, right? I have to admit, not having a self-made deadline to post a new blog felt good on the days that I was overwhelmed. But what about the goals I have for my blog and my future writing endeavors? How will I ever truly accomplish anything if I don’t stay motivated to finish? The more I put my projects to the side, the further away my goal will be. It just becomes a vicious cycle of “I’ll get to it later.” And I don’t want “later” to never happen. I need to finish what I start. 

In my writing absence, I have had some time to reflect on where I would like my blog to go from here. I have taken some time to read what I have written so far, and I love it. But I know that my readers may need some more tangible things from me. What I mean by that is, I am working on something that you guys can come to and really glean great information from. As much as I like sharing about my life – the ups, downs, obstacles, epiphanies and such – I would like to create better and more useful content. So what that also means is I will continue to post on this site, but I have another blog in the works tailored to meet some more specific needs of my readers. I appreciate all of you who have been following me on this journey and encouraging me along the way. I have even had some friends text me to make sure I hadn’t lost sight of my writing goals. For that, I am truly grateful. It further let’s me know I’m working in my purpose. I pray this new blog will be everything and more for my readers. I love you, guys! And I can’t wait to create new, awesome content for you. If you are also battling the urge to quit what you have already started, I encourage you to think about all you have done to get where you are. Finishing will be tough, but it most definitely be worth it. Keep running your race. 
Truly Yours, 


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