The Countdown

I must admit … the journey to motherhood is a busy one. Good Lord. That’s why it has taken me so long to update you guys on my journey and all that I have been up to. Trust me , I had plans to blog about this and that. It just didn’t happen. I’d apologize for my absence, but it wouldn’t be sincere. I was too busy keeping my head from exploding!  I hope you all understand. I didn’t realize there was so much preparation leading up to the big day. Doctor’s appointments galore, insurance claims, labor pre-registration… and the list goes on and on.  It’s been fun , nerve-wrecking and truly eye-opening. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I am about 10 days from my due date, May 4, 2018. And I feel like I am as ready as I am going to get. Taige ( Creep #3’s name)  will be here soon, and I am in awe at how fast time has passed and how much she has grown. Creep # 1 and I were both blessed to have two baby showers a piece. It took me days to organize all that we were given. She is indeed a blessed and loved baby already. We are truly blessed first-time parents. Last week, I finally got her room together after enduring the stress of moving right after the baby shower. I vow to never move again during a pregnancy. It was tough. But I thank God for the people who lent their hands, hearts and time to help us make the transition. On the flip side,  I have been getting teased about how  beautiful her nursery is and how she’s never going to sleep there. Believe me, I am setting out to prove people wrong. I need her to be as independent as she can be. Y’all pray for me.

Our awesome family and friends have been so helpful. My friends have been instrumental  in calming me down on those days I wanted to lose my mind . Talk about a learning curve. Woooooo.  Before now, I guess I never cared much to learn about motherhood. You know the saying… “If it doesn’t apply… let it fly.” But now, I had no choice.  And I am glad that I can now share  things I  never realized I was so naive about. So to all the women who are in the early stages of their pregnancy or those thinking about taking the journey… here are 10  things I learned as I have prepared for this blessing. I mean, I have more to share, but these are the most critical points. Plus, it would take about 17 more blogs for me to share everything I have actually learned. Let’s keep it short and simple.

1.) You will never know everything. This is a learn-as-you-go process. The faster you learn this, the better you will handle the curve balls sent your way.

2.) Your support system is so important during this process. I am super independent and think that I can do everything on my own. I would have drowned had I not tapped into my resources – mainly my family and friends – quickly. I am not in this alone, nor should I ever act as such.

3.) Stash away as much money as you can. Babies are expensive. I think this is common sense. But it doesn’t become real until you are constantly swiping your card for something.

4.) Thoroughly research you insurance plan and question any tests/procedures you are given by doctors. I am not saying being a difficult patient. I am saying, ask questions. Ask for clarification and speak up when something does not seem right. People take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Make sure your insurance covers what you are receiving. There is nothing like receiving a claim that is way more expensive than you have ever could planned for.

5.) You do not have as much time as you think. Even if you find out about your pregnancy early on, time does not  wait for you to figure things out. Do as much as you can as early as you can.

6.) Don’t take everything you read or see as bible. Know for yourself. All advice is not equal.

7.) Keep all of your receipts. For everything. Even for doctor’s appointments. You need to prove what you’ve paid for, especially when it comes to insurance claims.

8.) Help will come from unexpected sources.  And some of those people you expect to be there, won’t be. Don’t be offended. New chapters in your life will tell you all you need to know about those who are close to you.

9.) Enjoy your free time. It will be non-existent soon. I take longer showers and spend more time in solitude just because I know what is coming my way.

10.) I put this last, but this is actually the most important thing. Pray your way through the process. Surround yourself with people who will pray for and with you.  My pregnancy came with a lot of ups and downs. If I am honest, I had some excellent doctor’s appointments… and some days… I left crying because I was concerned about my little one. But prayer creates a kind of peace you can’t get from anywhere else. It built me up in so many ways. I will have to depend on God to raise this child. And my dependence on Him started from the womb.

I hope this helps. I can’t wait to see how much I learn once she actually arrives. Until then, I will update you all later. I won’t make any promises on when I will have an update. I’ll be too busy loving on my new creep. Y’all be blessed.

Truly Yours,


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