Missing In Action


Standing near the beautiful condos that we stayed in during our visit to Colorado for an awesome wedding experience. I truly enjoyed my time there with my Creep.

I recently took a seven-week sabbatical from social media. And it was one of the best things I’ve done for this season in my life. It was really a nudge from God that I couldn’t ignore, and I am glad that I didn’t. Initially, I came up with several reasons in my mind why I shouldn’t unplug from the social media world, but the rewards of my obedience were ones that I could have never conjured up by my own will or effort. When He says jump off the cliff,  you just have to take that dive sometimes with the faith that you will get your wings before you hit the ground. And let’s just say, I’m flying high on His promises.

Social media most definitely has its purpose in my life. I am a photographer and writer who often shares my work. It is a space where I like to connect with others who I do not speak to on a normal basis. It is a place of shared ideas and awesome things. But it is also a source of clutter, procrastination and wasted time. And at this time in my life, I really cannot afford to constantly deal with the downside of it. So I have decided that I will take several hiatuses throughout this coming year, reflect on the journey and make life adjustments when necessary. This first break yielded such powerful results that I look forward to the fruit the others will bear.

During my 7-week social media sabbatical, so much happened in my life. I witnessed two good friends get married. My daughter turned seven months old. I celebrated  my best friend’s birthday. Best of all,  I had more time to work on my marriage, role as a mother, and my business. I  actually got to live in the moment. Enjoy conversations and dates with my husband. Hyper-focus on my business goals. Truly spend my time nurturing the needs and wants of my daughter. She will never be this little again, so I have to be spend all the time I can with her. Before then, I was kind of going through the motions of it all until that nudge from God came after a discussion with my business mentor.  In an effort to better connect with our purposes and make the most of our time, we both reflected on how much time we were spending on the things that were not connected to building our  businesses or beneficial.  Then she said exactly what I needed to hear, “I don’t want to work and post on social media with the intention of appearing to be busy. God told me to “put your head down and work.” Light bulb.

A few days after that conversation,  I adopted that mentality, took my social media apps off of my phone and saw a major shift in my personal and business output. I have so many things in store for this coming year. I will share them when the time comes.  But I have to be intentional and use the most valuable resource I have to it’s greatest potential – time. I cannot get back all those hours I spent scrolling on my Facebook and Instagram pages. But I can now move forward with a better understanding that I have to put my time where my mouth is. I know… I changed that saying up a bit, but money won’t change a thing if your time isn’t well spent. So on that note, let me put my head back down and get to work.

Truly yours,




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