Inspiration. Impact. Legacy.

Photo credit: The Lennz Photography

There’s something about being in the midst of greatness that nudges you to reflect on how you can do and be more. That journey for me started before the new year in large part due to my new journey as a mother. I’m driven, but nothing drives me more than knowing that my daughter is watching me and listening. So I must demonstrate my faith in all that I do because I’ll teach her how to believe in herself . But if I’m not careful, my actions and words will also teach her how to doubt herself. With that in mind, I’ve begun to take little nuggets from all of my encounters and experiences to see how I can use them for my greater purpose because any and everything can be used to fuel greatness… even failure. And my lessons and experiences aren’t mine alone … they belong to those who need me, in whatever capacity.

This year, my mantra is go hard or go home. I can either live up to that or wish I had done more when this year comes to an end. Let’s just say I don’t have the heart to stare Regret in the eyes again. So I’m going to try. No matter what. No matter the doubt that threatens to steal my hope. Like my business mentor always says, “try it no matter how crazy it sounds.” So I must pull the rug of “Comfort” from underneath my feet.

As I’ve been working lately, I’ve been careful to only share my plans and dreams with those who will pray with and for me. Experience has taught me that some people will not always pray for you… they’ll use what they know to prey on you. I’m thankful when discernment allows me to know the difference. Moving in silence is the key to protecting your dreams, sometimes. My husband is my listening ear and greatest supporter. It’s encouraging to know that he will take my hand and go on this journey to greatness with me even if/when it gets rough. It is inspiring and motivating. I’ve also been so inspired by conversations with close friends and the great things they have going on for them. From recent first home purchases to building businesses to endeavors such as making self care a priority, I can see the power of God aligning His purposes and plans in their lives . And it fills my heart with joy. I’m excited for everyone on the horizon of evolving and becoming. Speaking of “Becoming,” I am thoroughly enjoying First Lady Obama’s book. It has really ignited some things in my spirit that I didn’t know were there. I think it gives me hope that I can endure no matter how people treat me or perceive me. I have a voice and a story to tell. These few nuggets from the book have been on my mind since I read them, ” Even when it’s not pretty or perfect. Even when it’s more real than you want it to be. Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.” Right on, First Lady. Right on.

My story and my legacy have been at the forefront of my mind and motives more recently. The legacy I leave behind is important to me … because it’s laced with my purpose and rooted in the work I do every day to build it. This year, I’m determined to run the course specifically fit for me because no one can do what I’ve been put on earth to do… that’s why I am here. I encourage us all to do the same because that’s how the Real work gets accomplished. So no matter how tough it gets, stay the course and adjust when necessary. Let’s make it happen, so we can inspire and impact others while building our legacies.

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