Freestyle Friday: “The Roller Coaster… of Love”



Let me off this emotional roller coaster.

My “Whatcha Gonna do with my Lovin'” post inspired me to bring an oldie but a goody to the blog. I wrote this poem several years ago, but I thought would be awesome to share about the woes of  love and the freedom of letting go when it is giving you hell. Soon I’ll get the nerve to read a poem in a video blog. Maybe, lol. Hope you all enjoy. Comment or like to give your girl a virtual poetry finger snap.


The Roller Coaster


Bleeding knees and elbows,
A patch will fix these holes in my jeans and shirt.
Let me get off this ground.
Picking myself up from here may salvage the rest of my worth.
So you witnessed my free-fall from grace.
I guess you want to know what just happened.
Well if you must know, I just fell out of love.
Because I was riding a wild roller coaster and wasn’t strapped in.
I guess you also want to know why the hell I would do that.
See that right there, I can’t quite explain.
I guess I didn’t expect the ride to jerk around as much.
Trusted it to even warn me at the first sight of threatening rain.
The ride was comparable to that of a luxury car at first.
I even excitedly lifted my arms before getting to the steep drops.
Didn’t expect it to leave me suspended in the air those times…
When he decided to malfunction and make all those mid-air stops.
When it sped up again, my heart plunged every time.
And getting off seemed almost impossible.
I would reach for the emergency break,
He would take off and put the gear in full throttle.
So I finally got up the nerve to just jump.
That’s how I ended up on this ground.
Because the minute he realized I wanted off again,
He was going to try and take me for another trip around.

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