Ode to Black Love

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Photo Credit:Truly Garesia

Dear Black Love, 

You’ve shaped my greatness. 


The Grateful Brown Girl

Today is the day – the annual day of “love.” Engagements will happen. Flowers, cards, candy and romantic gestures will highlight social media timelines. Restaurants will be packed with lovers sharing meals and laughs. Others will be cuddled on the couch watching a movie or two. And some will be reflective of their love lives – either relishing in how far they’ve come or reflecting on where they went wrong. The scale of emotions will run at an all-time high today in comparison to other days of the year. Me, I take this day for what it is – a commercialized way of saying “I love or deeply care about you.” But I don’t brush it off or chalk it up as just a way for companies to make money off of people. I look at it as a grand opportunity – because I am not sure it would happen otherwise – to focus on what we need to spread every day. Negativity and hatred abounds much these days. And truthfully, it is nice to see people express how they feel. The toughest of tough guys, and women, get to be mushy and display what gets overlooked on so many other days of the year. So I say “cheers” to the most romantic day of the year.

In reflecting on love and what it truly means – sacrifice, effort, intention, endurance and faithfulness –  I wanted to take this week to tap into Black Love in all its glory and flaws. And just because I’m only focusing on Black love doesn’t mean that I think any other race’s love is less than. But I am taking the time to highlight Black Love because it is the love I know and can speak about. Black Love is the way a man caresses his woman’s natural tresses or kisses her supple lips. Black love is the way a mother looks at her kids to make them stand up straight and get their act together. Black love is laughing and talking trash to your family while you play card games and chow down on a meal during the holidays. Black Love is strength. It is enduring. It is what withstands even after the hardest of blows. It is steadfast and nurturing. It is beautiful.

So this week and next I will look at Black Love with a careful lens. Explore the sacrifice, beauty and greatness of it all. From relationships to dating to self-love I will uncover what’s truly under the surface. I’ll start this “Ode To Black Love” series off with interviews from three couples. Tomorrow, I will formally introduce you to the Black Love veterans, Artis and Tanya Wilson, a married couple who has shared their lives and love with each other for more than 33 years. This interview was one for the books. I left their office so full of knowledge and hope after meeting with them. So I hope you will tune in tomorrow. You won’t be sorry.

So now that I have interrupted your day of love with my blog post, I can at least say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” And whether you truly believe in the day or not, just celebrate love because we are all in need of it. Every. Single. Day. I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow.

Truly Yours,


2 thoughts on “Ode to Black Love

  1. This is so Awesome!! Love is beautiful with the right formula implemented! Thank you Garesia, for including us. You definitely have a talent in photography and writing!!! We are EXCITED to see the road of SUCCESS you will for sure travel. God Bless!!!
    Artis and Tanya Wilson

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